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Weekly Photo Challenge: NUMBERS

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“Numbers have life; they’re not just symbols on paper.” Shakuntala Devi

Weekly Photo Challenge: NUMBERS - Numbered Manga & Anime books

Weekly Photo Challenge: NUMBERS – Numbered Manga & Anime books

Weekly Photo Challenge: NUMBERS - Numbered set of books by Osamu Tezuka; Cartoonist, Manga expert extraordinaire

Weekly Photo Challenge: NUMBERS – Numbered set of books by Osamu Tezuka; Cartoonist, godfather of Manga, animator extraordinaire

Revisiting Numbers with Shakuntala Devi (The Human Computer).

We must say that there are as many squares as there are numbers. Galileo Galilei
My big thesis is that although the world looks messy and chaotic, if you translate it into the world of numbers and shapes, patterns emerge and you start to understand why things are the way they are. Marcus du Sautoy

How do YOU find photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge?: When I saw the photography assignment for this week, I was a bit crestfallen. Where am I going to find numbers that won’t look predictable, dull and/or un-engaging? I thought, as my eyes scanned my living room. I considered going outside and walking the neighborhood to capture the many ways people number their homes but, I didn’t have enough time. An idea popped in my head to take photos of the monthly pages of a 2012 Banksy inspired calendar. Banksy is British and an Oscar nominated satirist and graffiti artist. His works are well regarded and I love his dark sense of humor and distinctive art.  I reached for the calendar, took a few shots and examined them on my camera. I wasn’t convinced they would do.

As I pondered what to do next, my eyes wandered over to the bookshelf that held my kids Manga  (Japanese comics created in a very special format) and Anime (Japanese hand-drawn or computer animated works) collections. As I stared at the groupings and names of the authors, my eyes widened as I saw that they were book series. I saw my favorite set of books by Osamu Tezuka who is considered the godfather of manga, and was the first internationally recognized Anime creator in the 1960s. As his work flourished, folks in the industry referred to him as the Walt Disney of Japan, and his success paved the way for the works of many other Manga and Anime creators who are revered in the field today. As I stared at the books, something clicked in my brain. Right before my eyes were several book series my kids collected over the years and they were NUMBERED!!! I was thrilled. The collages above and below are shots of some of their Manga and Anime collections and, Yes, I added the cover of that Banksy inspired calendar to the mix. Hope you like them.


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“Every culture has contributed to maths just as it has contributed to literature. It’s a universal language; numbers belong to everyone.” Daniel Tammet

Weekly Photo Challenge: NUMBERS - Numbered Manga & Anime books

Weekly Photo Challenge: NUMBERS – Numbered Manga & Anime books

Weekly Photo Challenge: NUMBERS - Numbered Manga & Anime books

Weekly Photo Challenge: NUMBERS – Numbered Manga & Anime books

India’s Human Computer Shakuntala Devi

Pick up a sunflower and count the florets running into its centre, or count the spiral scales of a pine cone or a pineapple, running from its bottom up its sides to the top, and you will find an extraordinary truth: recurring numbers, ratios and proportions. Charles Jencks

Are you familiar with Manga and/or Anime? Manga ( Japanese comics created in a very special format) and Anime (Japanese hand-drawn or computer animated works) were a natural segue for my kids who were born during the hey days of Pokemon and Hello Kitty and enjoyed collecting all their memorabilia, watching the movies and avidly following the escapades of those cute and colorful characters. With all the Pokemon hoopla came their exposure to manga and anime and they latched on to the genre and loved every bit of it.  They started reading/watching works by many Manga/Anime artists including Osamu TezukaYoshiyuki Tomino, and Hayao Miyazaki who won an Oscar for his 2002, Spirited Away, a Studio Ghibli production. Over the years, I have enjoyed their love of the genre and even took a trip to Studio Ghibli with them when we went to Japan. So, photography can bring back many memories and this assignment brought back our mutual love for books, cartoons and this special brand of creative expression. Enjoy and come back soon!

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Photo Challenge: NUMBERS Equations. Clock faces. Cash registers. Numbers are everywhere: this week, share a photo that puts them front and center. Numbers are all around us at home and on the street, in airports and supermarkets, on signs and on our clothes. I can’t wait to see your take on this week’s challenge — what will your numbers show?

Positive Motivation Tip: Numbers help us organize our time and our lives… but, are we paying attention?
PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos copyrighted and from my Personal Collection

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  1. Cindy Ingalls permalink
    03/06/2016 4:15 pm

    I really like how you interpreted the numbers photo challenge. It is definitely not predictable, just like Banksy.

  2. Brandi H permalink
    03/06/2016 5:48 pm

    Can’t live without numbers! They are everywhere and definitely help me to organize lots of things. Very interesting post.

  3. Liz Mays permalink
    03/06/2016 6:28 pm

    I love the photos you chose. I’m not too familiar with manga/anime but I have seen Spirited Away. It was great!

  4. momknowsbest15 permalink
    03/06/2016 8:09 pm

    Very unique way to show numbers. I like the way you presented this.

  5. Amy Jones permalink
    03/06/2016 10:07 pm

    So cool. I’m a fan of manga myself and I’d love to have this books

  6. Adriana Lopez (@MrsALOMartin) permalink
    03/06/2016 10:19 pm

    My nemesis but numbers are very important they rule a lot in our lives. You always have so profound content a lot to think about.

  7. Aziel Morte permalink
    04/06/2016 12:46 am

    Yes I agree numbers makes us organized I love being organized to my things

  8. Azlin Bloor (@AzlinBloor) permalink
    04/06/2016 2:12 am

    An interesting challenge and post. Hello Kitty aside, my kids have just not taken to any of the art forms you mention.

  9. Ronnie Epsi permalink
    04/06/2016 2:17 am

    I watched a documentary once on the significance of the number 3 and its continuous presence and importance throughout history. We often see it as only a number, but there’s psychological behaviour behind our choices and interpretations of numbers, their aesthetics, universal laws, and effects on society.

  10. 04/06/2016 4:08 am

    Well done for thinking outside the box.
    Or in this the book shelf!

  11. Ashy permalink
    04/06/2016 4:08 am

    I do not read manga but I do watch a little anime. Fruits basket is one of my top 5 favorites! I used to have the box set but lost it when we moved. I also really like Nana & azu manga daioh

  12. Nicole Haas Etolen permalink
    04/06/2016 4:54 am

    Wow, very nice photo. The challenge is so hard, I’m glad you find some.

  13. Ryan Sales Escat permalink
    04/06/2016 4:57 am

    I love your pictures. What I have in mind when it comes to numbers photo challenge is street numbers.

  14. Nicole Escat permalink
    04/06/2016 5:03 am

    Nice picks, you are so smart to think of these as your subject. Nice post!

  15. Joanna permalink
    04/06/2016 5:03 am

    Interesting idea to choose numbered series of books as your subject. I would challenge you to go outside your house and find a number created by nature 🙂

  16. Stephanie Ortez permalink
    04/06/2016 5:18 am

    This is so much fun! I am only familiar with manga because of my kids love it. Maybe I need to start paying more attention to them 😉

  17. Danne Reed permalink
    04/06/2016 6:43 am

    This is very challenging. I would love to take a picture of encyclopedia with the Roman numerals on it.

  18. 조이 Czjai (@RebelSweetHrt) permalink
    04/06/2016 7:10 am

    What an extensive manga collection you have! My brother would be jealous!
    I love numbers, but I hate Math. Or Math seems to hate me. Haha!

  19. 04/06/2016 7:22 am

    I was surprised to see the Manga/anime, but Banksy, yes he’s a favourite!

  20. Tina Bowling permalink
    04/06/2016 8:11 am

    I always enjoy your photo challenge photos! What a great collection of anime books too.

  21. Inspiring Kitchen permalink
    04/06/2016 9:29 am

    That’s quite a collection of Manga and Anime books. My daughter got hooked on anime, too, while she was growing up.

  22. Ana De Jesus permalink
    04/06/2016 2:44 pm

    I love Banksy it would be a little strange if I didn’t considering how much I love street art! I liked your interpretation of numbers with the anime/manga.

  23. angie permalink
    04/06/2016 5:11 pm

    love your selection great idea,


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