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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Power Of Threes

“There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.” Stephen Covey

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Power of Threes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Three Is a Trend...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Three Is a Trend…

When I read this week’s challenge, the first thing that crossed my mind was the Holy Trinity and the power that is invested in that triangle. As I was thinking of what to feature, I started looking through my pictures and noticed that for New York Fashion Week, which ended on the 18th, the number three was heavily featured. Why? When I started looking into the number three, I found some fascinating data that tied in nicely with the exuberance and creativity expressed in the fashion design world.

On one numerology site, having a three vibration is described as:”A powerful need to express feelings, ideas and visions of the imagination, coupled with an extroverted personality, makes it likely that a person with 3s in key points of their Numerology chart will seek a career in art, especially the verbal arts.” If the number is tied to the creative mind, what internal triggers activate that creative impulse? Can we tap into this power if we are not a three?  I’d like to know.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

“Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.” George Sand

 wintering  birds in our yard

Weekly Photo Challenge:Treasure Cherished wintering birds in our yard

A wintering bird in our yard

A wintering bird in our yard

Wintering birds in our yard

Wintering birds in our yard

This week’s photo challenge calls for a treasure or treasures we cherish. The obvious comes to mind and I’ll acknowledge that above all, our relationships carry more currency than any objects. However, we all do cherish other additional things and experiences. We have birds that winter in our garden and yard… I have feeders for them and they give me joy with the songs and playfulness. I will add more later. This is what I want to share here.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

“Friendship with ones self is all important because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Oy gevalt! , Do We Need More Of You?

Oy Gevalt! , Do We Need More Of You? No! The Selfie in triplicate

I was thoroughly amused when I saw the weekly challenge prompt and then, on second thoughts, I wasn’t. Why? I take Selfies, but not much and I don’t take them with my cellphone. Some view Selfies as a form of Self-love, while others would say that the Selfie is the new, 21st century example of Narcissistic behavior. Is that true? How do you view it? Frankly, It has always struck me as sophomoric; the sort of thing our teenagers would do … but I know that’s not entirely true.

So, with no further ado, I’ll share a few. I have to confess that most of my Selfies were taken in Hotel bathrooms because they tend to have huge mirrors, decent lighting, and a few accoutrements like the shaving mirror in the first shot. By the way, as to the back-story of that first shot, it was taken in Seattle, at a boutique hotel across the street from the Seattle Art Museum, and within spitting distance of Pike Place Market. I was playing around with the camera and saw myself in multiples. In retrospect, I think it’s so funny that I’m looking so serious in a playful shot.

Do We Need More Of You? No! The Selfie - i is i

Do We Need More Of You? The Selfie – i is i

Dove Beauty: Selfie

The second shot above was taken at a beautiful retreat. I like it because it shows just one eye. It saves something from the rest of the world; allowing the viewer to wonder. Also, I was relaxed, at peace, and wearing my high school sweatshirt… I’m tempted to say “Don’t ask, long story” but there’s no twisted story. A group of us on Facebook had the sweatshirt made from an old one and I love the soft cotton and light oatmeal color.

Another kind of Selfie I tend to take is of my teeth… What the heck? Well yeah! We all have our quirks. I like my teeth and, honestly, I’m beginning to see the connection between Selfies and Self-love. Selfies are about self-confidence; liking yourself enough to indulge – hence the teen connection.  UPDATED: I added one more below. Done!

More below!

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