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Featured Blogger: Donna Huebsch – Huebsch House Chronicles…

“It just goes to show you, it’s always something–if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” ~ Gilda Radner aka Roseanne Roseannadanna

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Featured Blogger: Donna Huebsch – Owner of Huebsch House Chronicles…

Featured Blogger: Donna Huebsch – Huebsch House Chronicles… Pets; Sheba the cat and Molly

If you’ve ever had to do major renovations on your home; especially a home you purchased that needed both obvious and not so obvious work, you’ll empathize with this week’s featured blogger – Donna Huebsch. Donna’s blog Huebsch House Chronicles is an ongoing account of the challenges and successes she and hubby, Jim, experience as they renovate their new home and deal with endless tasks and surprises – from roof repair to insurance matters and more. Their effort is truly a DIY (Do it yourself) labor of love as the indefatigable Jim, assisted by his equally tireless wife, Donna, tear down, fix, correct and celebrate the progress of their work. Through it all, my good blog friend/buddy, Donna, manages to smile and be grateful for the good things that happen around her.

When she comes up for air, Donna is mom to K, their 15 year old home-schooled daughter, and runs her Etsy Shop Cell Chic where she sells cellphone charms and other pretty jewelry pieces she makes. Family pets, Sheba the cat, Molly the dog, all the other dogs and critters, keep the household entertained with their love and antics. As Donna is incredibly busy with her house renovation project, I skipped the extra questions; she needs some downtime. Please join me and welcome this week’s Featured “Get To Know” Blogger, Donna of Huebsch House Chronicles. Do leave her a comment here, and then stop by her blog to say hello! :-)

Where did you grow up and why do you blog?
I spent the first 28 years of my life in Mississippi, then lived in Atlanta for 5 years, and Florida for the last 22+ years – I’m definitely a southern girl. I tell people I have a mixed marriage – I grew up in Mississippi and my husband grew up in Buffalo, NY… I’ve converted him, though. He now likes cornbread stuffing with his turkey and loves to go fishing.
My current blog is an online diary of the process of renovating the house we just moved into in February of this year. It was a foreclosure, and while basically it was in good shape, it needs updating. The old owners stripped out a lot of the furnishings; like interior doors, light fixtures, kitchen appliances, and even a bathroom sink! We are real DIYers (Do-It-Yourselvers), but this is definitely the biggest project we’ve ever tackled. My blog lets me share this process with my friends, family and anyone else who’s interested, and I only have to say things once. ;-)

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