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Nobel Peace Prize 2014: Two Voices For Children & Youth Rights Win

“I’m proud that I’m the first Pakistani and the first young woman, or the first young person, who is getting this award.” Malala Yousafzai

Nobel Peace Prize 2014: Two Voices For Children & Youth Rights Win

Nobel Peace Prize 2014: Two Voices For Children & Youth Rights Win

Christine Amanpour – Who is Malala? Full Malala Interview

If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.
If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.
If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.
If there is to be peace between neighbors,
There must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart. Lao Tzu

When I heard, today, that the Norwegian Nobel Committee had awarded the 2014 peace prize  to Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India, I was thrilled. Both of these Warriors of Peace have worked tirelessly, (Malala almost lost her life), to bring the plight of children and youth rights to the forefront.  Malala, a courageous 17 year old teenager from Pakistan, is the youngest recipient of this prestigious award. Last year, she wrote a memoir, I am Malala, documenting her personal ordeal and journey to the Peace movement.  In honoring her achievement today, Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General shared this comment: “With her courage and determination, Malala has shown what terrorists fear most: a girl with a book.”  I congratulate these two champions of children’s rights as they represent the future of the movement to bring global peace to regions around the world.

“If with my humble efforts the voice of tens of millions of children in the world who are living in servitude is being heard, congratulations to all,” Mr. Satyarthi

Nobel Peace Prize 2014: Two Voices For Children & Youth Rights Win

Nobel Peace Prize 2014: Two Voices For Children & Youth Rights Win – Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi

PBS New Heroes Ep1 01 Kailash Satyarthi Child Slavery India

“The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.” Black Elk

Kailash Satyarthi, a 60 year old anti-child slavery activist who has battled for three decades to end child labor in India, lives across the divide that separates India from Pakistan and has devoted his life campaigning to ban child labor and free children from trafficking. Even though many of us might not be familiar with Kailash Satyarthi’s name and work, others speak highly of his sacrifices. Mr. Jagland, Chair of the Nobel Prize Committee, said it well with this comment: “Showing great personal courage, Kailash Satyarthi, maintaining Gandhi’s tradition, has headed various forms of protests and demonstrations, all peaceful, focusing on the grave exploitation of children for financial gain,”  “He has also contributed to the development of important international conventions on children’s rights.

Both will share the $1.1 million prize equally as they deserve to, and it is my wish that they will continue to get global support for the work they do. Congratulations again to these noble Nobel Prize winners!  What are your thoughts on these two advocates for peace?

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The Dalai Lama: Gems On the Road To Peace…

“We can never obtain peace in the world, if we forget the inner world, and don’t make peace with ourselves… ”  Tenzin Gyatso Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Dalai Lama: Gems On The Road to Peace...

Dalai Lama: Gems On The Road to Peace…

“We need to make this a century of dialogue…
Because you have to lead the rest of your life in this century, you have to think, from time to time, about global issues. And for that please make good preparation: education, skill, expertise. Then another thing is your determination, your will power; that is very much based on self confidence. In order to develop self-confidence, be truthful, honest and just. These are key things and … transparency…” Dalai Lama

To people around the world, the 14th Dalai Lama is an important religious leader and teacher in the Buddhist tradition. He is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, a great humanitarian, philosopher and advocate for the path of universal responsibility, peace and compassion. We see his charismatic side even as he gives somber talks about the growing global crises or speaks about the urgency for global peace. Yet, there is another side to him; a humble, unassuming, playful side. He is a spiritual master who radiates a scintillating energy that pulls you in and steadies you, silencing the noise and cocooning you in a blanket of peace. In his presence, all petty thoughts drop away, time is suspended, and we are reminded of our collective, energetic human bond. Such is the power of his presence.

“If we combine our knowledge , skills and expertise with our will power and determination, then no matter what problems we face, we can solve those problems forever ”  Dalai Lama.

Dalai Lama: Gems On the Road To Peace...

Dalai Lama: Gems On the Road To Peace…

“(Forgiveness and self-discipline)
These are the key points. So, keep in your mind; education and knowledge. In the meantime warmheartedness, willpower, determination, being more compassionate. These are, I think, sources of our strength. So, combine our knowledge and inner strength then no matter what obstacles or difficulties, we can overcome these problem.” Dalai Lama

Recently, I saw the wonderful film, Road To Peace: Ancient Wisdom Of the Dalai Lama of Tibet about the beloved 14th Dalai Lama  produced by Leon Stuparich. 15 years ago, Leon turned his focus on the Dalai Lama. He wanted to know more about the man behind the myth; about his incredible presence, and how to achieve happiness and a “more centered, peaceful life.” The film, which you may watch for free via the link above, takes us on a personal and up close journey with the Dalai Lama.

During the course of the film, the Dalai Lama answers an important question: How can we apply universal responsibility in our lives? His advice and wisdom which he gives liberally, and which I’ve included in my block quotes above and below,  are gems to mull over again and again. I call them his gems on the road to peace. Leon’s goal is to expose as many people as possible to the Dalai Lama’s teaching and peace efforts. You can participate by watching the film and sharing your “like” of this inspiring movie with friends. 5% of the profits from this film (Road to Peace) will be donated to the Tibet House Trust. More below.

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Reflections: Take Two For Peace…

“He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows or all he sees.” Benjamin Franklin

Reflections: Take Two For Peace...

Reflections: Take Two For Peace…

Small Stones
We watched it land, red and proud
Perched on a branch, nary a sound
The phone rang… Peace wasn’t calling
Red Cardinal knew it and went flying
Which was more unsettling?
The interruption or the sudden departure…

In my reorganization mode, I’ve been writing Small Stones which the originators describe as:”a short piece of writing (prose or poetry) that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment. The process of discovering small stones is as important as the finished product. Searching for small stones will encourage you to keep all your senses; – your eyes,(and ears, nose, mouth, fingers, feelings and mind) open.” This post also compliments the Bloggers for Peace effort. Check them both out. I’m adding several Small Stones to tie in with other prompts too.  I’ll be back on track by the weekend. TY! More below.

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