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The Oscars: The 84th Academy Awards Are Upon Us…

“When the Academy called, I panicked. I thought they might want their Oscars back and the pawn shop has been out of business for awhile.” Woody Allen

The Oscars: The 84th Academy Awards Are Upon Us...

For starters, Billy Crystal, the host with the most, will keep us watching and laughing Sunday night. It seems like only yesterday when we celebrated the winners and losers of the 83rd Oscar awards… right?  Anyway, like an endless party with props and power brokers, we are at it again as we celebrate the 84th Oscars/Academy Awards with some of the usual suspects and many new nominees. If you have spent any time at the movies this year, you know that we have seen some pretty good stuff and our share of fluff. While I might not have a bookie in Las Vegas, I’d like to toss my hat in the proverbial prediction ring and guess who would walk away with that handsome though stiff and very dead golden boy. Here are some of the top nominees, at least the ones I wait for…(I highlighted my predicted winners). Pick your preference or poison, and we’ll check in Sunday night to count the wins and losses. My choices in black. Winners in red; including any I chose. Enjoy! :-)

The Artist – Thomas Langmann Winner!
The Descendants – Jim Burke, Jim Taylor, and Alexander Payne
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Scott Rudin
The Help – Brunson Green, Chris Columbus, and Michael Barnathan
Hugo – Graham King and Martin Scorsese
Midnight in Paris – Letty Aronson and Stephen Tenenbaum
Moneyball – Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz, and Brad Pitt
The Tree of Life – Dede Gardner, Sarah Green, Grant Hill, and Bill Pohlad
War Horse – Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy
Demián Bichir – A Better Life as Carlos Galindo
George Clooney – The Descendants as Matt King
Jean Dujardin – The Artist as George Valentin Winner!
Gary Oldman – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy as George Smiley
Brad Pitt – Moneyball as Billy Beane
Glenn Close – Albert Nobbs as Albert Nobbs
Viola Davis – The Help as Aibileen Clark
Rooney Mara – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as Lisbeth Salander
Meryl Streep – The Iron Lady as Margaret Thatcher Winner!
Michelle Williams – My Week with Marilyn as Marilyn Monroe
Kenneth Branagh – My Week with Marilyn as Laurence Olivier
Jonah Hill – Moneyball as Peter Brand
Nick Nolte – Warrior as Paddy Conlon
Christopher Plummer – Beginners as Hal Fields Winner!
Max von Sydow – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close as The Renter
Bérénice Bejo – The Artist as Peppy Miller
Jessica Chastain – The Help as Celia Foote
Melissa McCarthy – Bridesmaids as Megan Price
Janet McTeer – Albert Nobbs as Hubert Page
Octavia Spencer – The Help as Minny Jackson Winner! 
Woody Allen – Midnight in Paris (I prefer)
Michel Hazanavicius – The Artist (most likely) Winner!
Terrence Malick – The Tree of Life
Alexander Payne – The Descendants
Martin Scorsese – Hugo
The Artist – Guillaume Schiffman
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Jeff Cronenweth
Hugo – Robert Richardson Winner!
The Tree of Life – Emmanuel Lubezki
War Horse – Janusz Kamiński
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 – Tim Burke, David Vickery, Greg Butler, and John Richardson
Hugo – Rob Legato, Joss Williams, Ben Grossmann, and Alex Henning Winner!
Real Steel – Erik Nash, John Rosengrant, Danny Gordon Taylor, and Swen Gillberg
Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Joe Letteri, Dan Lemmon, R. Christopher White, and Daniel Barrett
Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Scott Farrar, Scott Benza, Matthew E. Butler, and John Frazier

There is more below … come back to see which ones I predicted would win. Don’t hinge your bet on mine as this is totally subjective. More  Predictions Below! ;-)  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS! :-)

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The Oscars: Pass the Peanuts & Predictions Please…

Films and life are like clay, waiting for us to mold it. And when you trust your own insides and that becomes achievement, it’s a kind of principle that seems to me to work with everyone. God bless that principle… the potential that we all have for making anything possible if we think we deserve it.” Shirley MacLaine, 1983 Academy Awards

The Oscars: Best Actress Awards by cliff1066™ via Flickr

Like an annual group hug, Oscar night is another time people gather to cheer on their favorites, have a good time, and show some TV watching love by not fighting over the remote… The great thing about movies is that, in an instant, we can escape to another place, time, or experience and set our woes aside. The other thing is that there is so much access to movies today and you don’t have to venture too far to catch a flick or two. I remember back in the day when we would place an advanced request, at our local video store, for a movie we missed… back in the Blockbuster days. Now, we have Amazon downloads, Netflix, Cable Movies On Demand, Hulu and a slew of other movie distribution operators.

Even during difficult economic times, entertainment, especially movie watching, is one thing that brightens our day. I read somewhere, long ago, that during the depression era, people went to the movies to cheer up. Today, we have huge movie industries in the USA (Hollywood), India (Bollywood), and Nigeria (Nollywood); plus movies are made in practically every country in the world.  Sure, the price of a movie ticket has gone up but there are free screening options, you must respond quickly, when you join groups like The CinemaSource, FilmMetro, and Gofobo.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and though, at least for now, yours truly won’t be on the red carpet but ensconced in front of the telly at home, I have a few predictions up my sleeve… Naturally, my predictions are not on everything. For a full list of predictions from the movie savvy and far more authoritative, I’ll invite you to check out up and coming blogger FWSF, the Oscar site, Moviefone and Gather.

I have added, below, my favorite categories and highlighted who I think would win. Feel free to dispute my choices and offer yours. Whatever you do, try to catch some of these movies; if not in the theater, then when they go to video. What are your thoughts? Oh yeah, the two highlighted for Best Picture is deliberate; they ought to have the occasional dual winners/tie. Check out my predictions below and — pass the peanuts will you… please.  Enjoy! :-)

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