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Haiku: Last Words…

“We dipped our fingers in the wet cement, and we wrote the truest, simplest things we knew – our names, the date, and these words: We were here.”  Karen Thompson Walker

Haiku: Last Words…

REMEMBER … by elizabeth obih-frank
♥ Remember to always say I love you to your loved ones daily
♥ Remember to always say please and thank you
♥ Remember to follow the promptings of your heart
♥ Remember to honor & love yourself and others
♥ Remember to stop and enjoy the smell of the ocean and of flowers too
♥ Remember to take a chance and go for the big goal
♥ Remember too that to fail is part of the road to finding success

Two names in the sand
Words scrawled… shaking, human hands
We were here, they said…

“Love one another.” George Harrison

Haiku: Last Words…

♥ Remember to enjoy the small things in life; fresh water, a simple meal, a cup of tea
♥ Remember to celebrate the things that matter to you – fearlessly
♥ Remember to listen and learn from others and from life
♥ Remember to smile when you answer the phone … energy travels
♥ Remember to forgive others and above all forgive yourself
♥ Remember to share a meal or a few coins with those in need
♥ Remember to eat your favorite dessert and enjoy each bite

Lovers quarrels known
By angry words, crimson walls
Love one another…

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