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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle


“Good art is art that allows you to enter it from a variety of angles and to emerge with a variety of views.” Mary Schmich

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle - Breakdancer on a Manhattan St

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle – Breakdancer on a Manhattan St

Even the dullest bird or face becomes interesting when you give it a good look in the wild/flesh. The way the shadow drops across the cheek, the light hits an eyebrow, etc… there are many more angles, positions etc. than you can ever imagine. My heart always makes a little jump when I see things in birds or faces that surprise me. Siegfried Woldhek

These photos speak for themselves. When I saw today’s photo challenge – From Every Angle – I thought of a few things and decided on the collection of pictures here. I considered food but, I wanted a bit more movement and this first shot fit the bill. In case you are wondering, I took the pictures from a Tour of Manhattan bus that was a hilarious ride… more on that later. The break-dancer gave us a street show and I captured what I could from a slow-moving bus. We live in a 3 dimensional world, and we might as well capture as much of it as we can and pay attention to everything!. My smartphone camera took most of the photos for this challenge.

“A figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles.” Wesley Ruggles

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle - Summer Xmas Tree In a waiting room

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle – Summer Xmas Tree In a waiting room

The landscape is like being there with a powerful personality and I’m searching for just the right angles to make that portrait come across as meaningfully as possible. Galen Rowell

I know, I know, I know… It is a very tacky looking Xmas tree that I saw in a hospital waiting room. Yet, something about it was very charming. I figured that a few different angle shots of it would be entertaining… I hope it made you laugh out loud as it did me… Yep, I saw it today!

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Haiku: Thanks For Sharing!


“We lament the speed of our society and the lack of depth and the nature of disposable information.” David Ogden Stiers

Haiku: Thanks For Sharing!

Haiku: Thanks For Sharing! – Ban That Phrase

Haiku: Thanks For Sharing! - Celebrate Women's Equality Day - Poster via Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

Haiku: Thanks For Sharing! – Celebrate Women’s Equality Day – Poster via Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

Poster via Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute.

Thanks for Sharing … Not!
Arrest it … bury the keys
A throw away phrase

Thanks for sharing …. S##%T!
Labyrinth of lousy words
Life’s woes … reach deaf ears

The dog died today….
Please … ditch that meaningless Phrase
What? Thanks for Sharing!


“Thanks For Sharing!” – Where did the phrase come from and what does it really mean? I suspect the origins come from those 1960s-70s group transformation sessions for self improvement. Perhaps, over time, they slipped into the mainstream and into the minds of many folks who still use it. I heard it at the few EST meetings I attended in the 1990s. Often, it sounded like a gloved slap, telling someone to STFU! “Yeah, whatever … thanks for sharing!”
I’ve never understood the point of it: Thanks for Sharing! Ugh! Sorry, say something else or tell me why you need to thank me for gracing me with your precious presence. I should do the thanking, not you!

“…As we celebrate 95 years since the certification of the 19th Amendment, let us demonstrate our commitment to the belief that we are all entitled to equal treatment by supporting policies that help women succeed and thrive.” Pres Obama – Presidential Proclamation – Women’s Equality Day, 2015

Haiku: Thanks For Sharing! - Celebrate Women's Equality Day - Posters via Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

Haiku: Thanks For Sharing! – Celebrate Women’s Equality Day – Posters via Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

On a more serious note, today is Women’s Equality Day and we’ve come a long way and still have a longer way to go since August 26, 1920. It’s a great day to kick back, speak our minds about issues and consider how far we have actually come – have we? Where are we today? Where are you today? Do we still need it? READ These Articles:

This Graphic Shows Why We Still Need Women’s Equality Day
Women’s Equality Day
Why Women’s Equality Still Isn’t Protected by the Constitution

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Motivation Mondays: FAILURE


“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.” John Wooden

Motivation Mondays: FAILURE - Ways We Fail

Motivation Mondays: FAILURE – Ways We Fail

Motivation Mondays: FAILURE - Ways We Fail

Motivation Mondays: FAILURE – Ways We Fail

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement: The Fringe Benefits Of Failure.

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default. J. K. Rowling

What does Failure mean to you?  Have you had an epic fail? There are many ways we can interpret failure in our lives but some of the common ways can be: Failure to act – Failure to carry out a task, Failure to launch – Failure to anticipate, Failure to understand – Failure to perceive the outcome of events before us. On any given day, we are faced with opportunities to fail; we fail to communicate the facts,  tell the truth, express how we feel about a situation or even spread lies that create problems for us and others. All of these behaviors lead to some form of failure. In the worst case scenario, they can lead to accidents and the loss of life. Sometimes, we choose to not act because we are unprepared. We might choose to not respond at all because we perceive things differently, or simply choose the path of no return because we didn’t anticipate the depth of obstacles in our path. While failure is inevitable in daily life, we can mitigate it by being clear about our decisions, our point of view and our actions. Above all, own your S$%$t!

Recently, two events: The Ashley Madison Hack and the Inside Amazon Corp Culture reveal, were key examples of the epic failure (of those implicated) to communicate and address troubling matters either at home or on the job. When what we say is in conflict with what we do, failure is around the corner. Communication is a critical tool to help us avoid failures but, it is not a panacea for all that ails us. WE must work at improving our overall failure quotient by the actions we take. Regardless of what we end up doing, our propensity to fail is always around the corner and we might as well face it, embrace it, and work to resolve it.  We can, like Kullervo’s Curse, choose to hold all of life’s slights in our heart and seek revenge that costs us everything or we can, like the many celebs and ordinary folks we meet everyday, choose to get up, brush off the slights, and move forward. Life is like a labyrinth, with dead ends, wrong turns and other obstacles that can throw us off course, and we must decide when to quit and when to move forward. One thing I know for sure is that, if you are actively engaged in life, FAILURE is inevitable.

A Story: The Complaining Monk & The Monastery
There once was a monastery that was very strict. Following a vow of silence, no one was allowed to speak at all. But there was one exception to this rule. Every ten years, the monks were permitted to speak just two words. After spending his first ten years at the monastery, one monk went to the head monk. “It has been ten years,” said the head monk. “What are the two words you would like to speak?”
“Bed… hard…” said the monk.
“I see,” replied the head monk.
Ten years later, the monk returned to the head monk’s office. “It has been ten more years,” said the head monk. “What are the two words you would like to speak?”
“Food… stinks…” said the monk.
“I see,” replied the head monk.
Yet another ten years passed and the monk once again met with the head monk who asked,
“What are your two words now, after these ten years?”
“I… quit!” said the monk.
“Well, I can see why,” replied the head monk. “All you ever do is complain.”

“Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.” C. S. Lewis

Motivation Mondays: FAILURE

Motivation Mondays: FAILURE – Ways we Fail

Failure Builds Character – Mythbusters’ Adam Savage: Full Video on Fora TV

Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday. Wilma Rudolph

What Constitutes Failure? When we are unable to attain a goal, receive an expected outcome, or accomplish a task, we have failed at X. But that isn’t the final way we fail. We fail when we turn our backs, refuse to respond or get back up, or as some would say, we throw in the towel. But Failure isn’t always final and not an entirely “bad” thing. Even though FAILURE is inevitable, we don’t have to throw in the proverbial towel. Why?  Because there are some benefits to failure. Failure does build character as it forces us to face our flaws and limitations and overcome them. Failure teaches us humility, points us in a new direction that could be far more beneficial that our previous attempts, and gives us experience that we can use to correct future errors. When we accomplish tasks without friction or struggle, it is our human tendency to take it all for granted. Often, when we read success stories about people like OprahJ.K. Rowling and many others who struggled to accomplish their dreams, it is easy to forget that they went through a challenging period in their lives and had to accept other options while they battled to achieve their dreams.  It is the failing forward that gives us impetus to continue and not give up, and so, don’t write yourself off because a set of doors were slammed in your face. Pick your self up and consider Plan B. Only YOU can decide when to call it quits… then go for Plan B.

A Story: The Fear Of Failure
After winning several archery contests, the young and rather boastful champion challenged a Zen master who was renowned for his skill as an archer. The young man demonstrated remarkable technical proficiency when he hit a distant bull’s-eye on his first try, and then split that arrow with his second shot. “There,” he said to the old man, “see if you can match that!” Undisturbed, the master did not draw his bow, but rather motioned for the young archer to follow him up the mountain. Curious about the old fellow’s intentions, the champion followed him high into the mountain until they reached a deep chasm spanned by a rather flimsy and shaky log. Calmly stepping out onto the middle of the unsteady and certainly perilous bridge, the old master picked a far away tree as a target, drew his bow, and fired a clean, direct hit. “Now it is your turn,” he said as he gracefully stepped back onto the safe ground. Staring with terror into the seemingly bottomless and beckoning abyss, the young man could not force himself to step out onto the log, no less shoot at a target. “You have much skill with your bow,” the master said, sensing his challenger’s predicament, “but you have little skill with the mind that lets loose the shot.” via Suler/
The details for Motivation Mondays are below. Join in! The themes for July and August are:
07/06 – FREEDOM
07/13 – WORRY
07/20 – WEALTH
07/27 – GRACE

08/03 – TIME
08/10 – CONTROL
08/17 – PURPOSE
08/24 – FAILURE
08/31 – HOPE

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