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NBC Universal: The Mysteries of Laura

Photo from the episode "Mystery of the Dead Date"

Photo from the episode “Mystery of the Dead Date”

Laura Diamond (Debra Messing of Will and Grace) is a dedicated NYPD homicide detective trying to create a work/life balance under incredibly challenging circumstances. She is the classic overwhelmed, multitasking, “Working Mom” trying to be everything to everyone under trying conditions. Balancing work, family, and personal needs can be difficult even in the best conditions, so we can imagine Laura’s burden: She is mom to twin boys who test her patience in many ways. She is in the early throes of a potentially explosive divorce. She has a dangerous and demanding job and must find ways to make it all work.

During the special preview on September 17th, we see Laura with her partner, the hot and sexy Laz Alonso, working the streets to hunt down and arrest criminals; some are even close to the bone. In between dealing with a mysterious murder case, she also is trying to place her twins into a special private school that would provide her with more childcare. Her soon to ex-hubby comes late for the home-visit/meeting scheduled with a stiff, conservative representative of the intended school, and if you watched the show, (spoiler warning) you’d know it ended with disastrous results because Laura fed the boys something most moms imagine doing when the kids are driving us crazy. Laura’s ex tries to convince the visitor that she is a great mom to no avail. Now she must find another school. How do moms juggle the demands of daily life while trying to respect the demands of their workplace? I can only say – with great difficulty!

One thing we observe on the show is that Laura employs a number of strategies: she has a helpful work partner, Laz, and she shares her concerns with him. She uses humor to deflect the ridiculous and sometimes stressful exchanges with her twins and her soon to ex-hubby. She willingly admits that it’s a crazy life and makes adjustments when needed; her operative choice of action is to stay flexible and busy even while admitting that she is a “hot mess.” Laura is delightful because those of us who struggle with similar situations will be able to relate to the huge amounts of work required to keep it all running. She uses humor to deflect awful moments and yet holds her own in explosive situations that could cost her job and even her life.

What I found plausible about the show is the fact that they didn’t try to solve all the problems in neat little packages. Balancing work, home, and life challenges is a work in progress and we don’t always have ready answers for difficulties. One thing we all do is reach out to others who can help relieve our stress and then try our best to be the best mom. I’d recommend this show to every mom; working in and out of the home.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: What Does Humanity Mean?

“What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each others folly – that is the first law of nature.” Voltaire

Weekly Photo Challenge collage: Humanity In All Shades and Shapes..

Weekly Photo Challenge collage: Humanity In All Shades and Shapes…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity – all life forms

Humanity: (1) the quality or state of being human; (2) the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals,(3) all people. Merriam Webster Dictionary

Humanity is a shared experience.  It is our ability to extend ourselves to others and to empathize with other life forms. When we see others as less than us, our collective experiences are diminished. When I think of humanity, I think of all life forms. I think of the birds, the animals, our pets, and people from all walks of life. As Voltaire suggests above, a bit of tolerance goes a long way to fostering a sense of community and a recognition of our humanity; flawed or not. How do you view humanity? Stop by later for a few more collages.

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity - great gatherings

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity – great gatherings

When I think of humanity, I think of people gathering for good; a celebration, a rejuvenation, an inclusive event, a cause to uplift ourselves and others.  I think of the fact that today is Positive Thinking Day and we can use this opportunity to reach out and connect with others.  Why are some people reluctant to honor and respect others?  Fear, ancient hatreds  and maybe a lack of understanding. But we can make an incremental effort to change. I believe it is possible.

Whenever I’m around anyone who suggests that there is a special group or exclusive enclave for XYZ types, I wonder about our collective humanity and when we will set aside these divisive ways of separating people. We all breathe and bleed, why don’t we show more compassion to each other? We can keep in mind what MLK Jr says about the impact of labor that uplifts humanity. What does humanity mean to you? Is it inclusive or exclusive? Stop by later for a few more and a story.
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