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Reflections: A Circle Of Five…

“O Lord! May our ears listen to nothing but auspicious words, may our eyes see nothing but auspicious things, may we have healthy bodies and be blessed with long life.” Rig Veda

Reflections: A Circle Of Five...  As above, So below

Reflections: A Circle Of Five… As above, So below

Every day offers auspicious moments for us to learn and grow…  Today is a particularly auspicious day because it brings our attention to a set of numbers that occur in a unique sequence; 12-12-12. If we added up just this sequence alone, we would have the number three; a powerful spiritual number. In reality, today’s date is really a 2 because the full numbers are 12.12.2012. Some folk have predicted that today prepares us for 12.21.12 which, depending on your beliefs, will mark the end of the world as we know it.

The way I see it, the end doesn’t mean destruction but a shift in energies and attitudes. For those who believe in numerology, the number 2 is about harmony and peace, and stresses the importance of building co-operative and considerate relationships. How we interact with each other, and under what conditions, will matter in the coming months and years. So if the world shifts today and on the 21st, we are shifting in a good way.

“I am free and unlimited; there are no chains that bind me…” Unity Daily Word

Reflections: A Circle Of Five...  Circle of Words

Reflections: A Circle Of Five… Circle of Words

What does any of this global shift story have to do with the Circle of Five? or as WP put it, Which five people would you like to spend your time with? If we are going through a global energetic shift, the company we keep will be as important as the way we organize and spend our time… For as long as I can remember, my parents warned us to keep the company of disciplined, peaceful people because “no one wants to be found guilty by association!” As I thought about the impending global shift and its relevance to this topic, I realized that the quality of our relationships might experience a shift too.

As we embrace a more harmonious world order and seek cooperation and compassion in our relationships, our idea of the five people we choose to spend time with will change. Instead of naming five specific people; living or dead, to spend time with, I decided to choose characteristics that fit the change we seek to be in the world. So I chose Freedom (from unproductive behavior), Compassion (for all living things), Love (for life and all), Happiness (because we all deserve to be blessed and happy), and Duty (which includes service to self/others, honor, responsibility and Dharma/right action). What about you? More below!

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