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An Invitation: Join Us For FOCUS: PEACE

“If we continuously maintain self awareness, we will be able to experience peace and happiness.” Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

An Invitation: Join Us For FOCUS: PEACE

An Invitation: Join Us For FOCUS: PEACE

FOCUS: PEACEPeacelights and We, The World are partnering to offer a series of Free daily tele-seminar phone calls from December 7 to December 21 at Noon Eastern Standard Time. Every day we will gather virtually for 20 minutes to meditate together and be the peace we wish to see in the world. Calls will start with a 10 minute teaching, followed by a 5 minute meditation on peace, and prayers for peace on our planet. Read the rest for more information and to register. There is something important happening during the days ahead, something where your participation is required. You have the power and opportunity to make a significant difference in your environment.

JOIN US FOR FOCUS: PEACE –  A series of inspiring daily tele-seminar style calls starting Friday Dec. 7th and continuing through Friday December 21st. We have gathered women and men who have dedicated their lives to peace to lead these calls. They span generations, cultures, and life passions. What brings them together is their love of peace, and the urgency they see in our present situation.
Each call takes place at noon Eastern Time (USA) and will last 20 minutes. The calls are free and will be recorded, so if you can’t make the scheduled time, you’ll be able to listen to them at your convenience, and as many times as you like. To register click here: FOCUS: PEACE It is FREE.

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.” Mahatma Gandhi

An Invitation: Join Us For FOCUS: PEACE

An Invitation: Join Us For FOCUS: PEACE

Featured speakers include Buddhist writer and co-Founder of the Tibet House Robert Thurman, President of the Global Security Institute Jonathan Granoff, World Peace Prayer Society’s UN Representative Rev. Deborah Moldow, best selling author, speaker and coach Debbie Ford, former Director of Amnesty International and peace teacher and activist James O’Dea, Co-Founder of Coalition OneVoice and teacher of Integral Spirituality, Kurt Johnson, and many others.

Inspired by the words of Amma, the revered humanitarian and spiritual teacher from India, Focus: Peace aims to bring you together with like minded people to usher in a new era of peace and co-creation. We are honored that her senior disciple Swami Dayamrita will lead one of the calls.
Schedule(subject to change)
December 7 – Deborah Moldow
December 8 – Jonathan Granoff
December 9 – Swami Dayamrita Chaitanya
December 10 – Joumana Rizk
December 11 – Debbie Ford
December 12 – Meggan Watterson
December 13 – Dena Merriam
December 14 – Chloe Breyer
December 15 – James O’Dea
December 16 – TBA
December 17 – Audrey Kitagawa
December 18 – Robert Thurman
December 19 – Kurt Johnson
December 20 – TBA
December 21 – Community Call
To register click here: FOCUS: PEACE It is FREE.
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