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Reflections: In Hindsight, Optimism Prevails…

Optimism is the light of God. It is a form of grace which allows you to be much more perceptive and to look at life with greater clarity.” Amma

Reflections: In Hindsight, Optimism Prevails... Monkeys at rest

Reflections: In Hindsight, Optimism Prevails… Monkeys at rest in an outdoor spa

When I started my blog, back in 2008, I was a deer in headlights. I had no idea where it would lead or if it would last but, one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to add a positive note to a tough period in many people’s lives. I was based in Los Angeles at the time, on relocation for an international real estate company, and the real estate market was beginning to shift downward. Our economy was in a downturn and we were all concerned for the future. I signed up for my blog on WordPress.com and Hello World! held future promise. I don’t regret it.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”  Kahlil Gibran

Reflections: In Hindsight, Optimism Prevails...

Reflections: In Hindsight, Optimism Prevails…

Over the years, I have tweaked that first post and added some links to other posts… but my basic blog philosophy and raison d’être remain same. It is the first thing you read/see when you arrive at my blog and sometimes the only thing for some folk. I still believe that we all want to be heard, appreciated and respected and that an optimistic approach works best for this blog. The global economic shift vis a vis the economic downturn that started in 2007-08 is still with us. We have either learned to go with the flow, shift directions or stagnate. What would I change? Why? More below!

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