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Inspiration: Have A Happy Thanksgiving…

“Dear Lord; we beg but one boon more: Peace in the hearts of all men living, peace in the whole world this Thanksgiving.”  Joseph Auslander

Inspiration: Have A Happy Thanksgiving

“Let me sit down with the ones I love best, Hear the old voices still ringin’ with song, See the old faces unblemished by wrong, See the old table with all of its chairs, An’ I’ll put soul in my Thanksgivin’ prayers.” Edgar Albert Guest

Women’s History Museum: The History of Thanksgiving

My recipe of thanks will have …
A vat full of love,
Endless cups of life,
Pounds and ounces of friends,
100 ladles of family,
108 tablespoons of health,
1 teaspoon from home,
Sprinkles from everyone,
Bowls of everything that uplifts humanity,
Carefully fold in scoops of our pets,
Mix in the power of prayer and
Add God’s immutable grace…
Stir with gusto and enjoy!
Happy Thanksgiving y’all. from me – Elizabeth & Family

What Are You Thankful For? As we prepare to enjoy our thanksgiving meal and the weekend, lets not forget these important Thanksgiving Tips: Share our Thanksgiving History/Heritage, Give thanks/Be grateful, Practice food safety, and Gather informative travel tips. Gratitude is key. Again, here are the things I’m grateful/thankful for; love, life, friends, family, health, our home, everyone, everything that uplifts humanity, pets, the power of prayer and God’s immutable grace… More below.

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