Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal…

The great renewal of the world will perhaps consist in this, that man and maid, freed of all false feelings and reluctance, will seek each other not as opposites, but as brother and sister, as neighbors, and will come together as human beings.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal… Renew. Refresh. Resolve to work together.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal… Kinkaku-ji Golden Temple & Rising Phoenix, Kyoto, Japan

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal… symbols of renewal – Keep Hope alive

The phoenix has long been presented as a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal. In modern Greece, the phoenix became established as a symbol of the nation’s rebirth during the Greek War of Independence. via Wikipedia.com

For this week’s challenge on – Renewal – I did some research on symbols of renewal, and the first thing that popped up was the mythical Rising Phoenix; known to rise again from the ashes to a new dawn. Then I found out that the beautiful golden temple, Kinkaku-ji, in Kyoto, has a phoenix attached to the top of it. So I’m sharing a photo I took of our visit to the temple and have also included an enlarged size of the Phoenix from Wikipedia.

Rilke’s quote above gave me food for thought. Given the recent elections here in the US, it is imperative that we come together during this time of renewal. I have added other photos below with relevant quotes explaining how they represent the renewal process. Thank you!

“To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.” Wendell Berry

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal… Spring blooms and renewals – Crocus, Hellebore, and Daffodils…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal… Stirring of lifeforms…

The widely popular symbols of Spring: the deep purple crocus, brightly colored eggs, fuzzy chicks, rabbits, and the robin are accepted symbols of new beginnings, new life, fertility and freedom – and firmly rooted in ancient traditions. Blossoming branches of fruit and nut trees hold a special place in our ancestors’ collective unconscious. via Artcorner.com

Spring time and spring blossoms always remind me of the rebirth and renewal process taking place around us. When we leap forward into a new spring season, Crocus and Daffodils are some of our earliest blooms, so I’ve shared some from my garden. There is also a stirring as all sorts of lifeforms come to life after a lengthy hibernation, and my garden welcomes her many new guests. I’ve included some of the lifeforms around us. Let us come together to uplift and renew each other. More below!

“Liturgy is like a strong tree whose beauty is derived from the continuous renewal of its leaves, but whose strength comes from the old trunk, with solid roots in the ground.” Pope Paul VI

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal… Green = Rebirth= Life…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal… Green = Renew= Love…

Green–The symbol of growth, renewal, and the rebirth of plant life (sometimes all life) on earth; an expression of fertility, freshness, youth as well as inexperience. It is the color of paper money. Some mixtures suggest envy, jealousy, guilt, disease, or terror. Green light is otherworldly because we experience almost no natural green light. via arts.unomaha.edu

Green is one of the first signs of life in nature. It provides a canvas for the many shades of colors competing for our attention, and brings a sense of balance and lushness to an environment. I’m not a big wearer of things green, but I love gardening. Any gardener will understand the exhilaration we feel when we see that first shoot or bud or leaf push through. More below!

“I believe that in the history of art and of thought there has always been at every living moment of culture a ‘will to renewal’. This is not the prerogative of the last decade only. All history is nothing but a succession of ‘crises’, of rupture, re” Eugene Ionesco

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal… Flowering trees…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal… Butterflies renew us too.

Van Gogh writes of the weather and that the almond trees are coming into full flower. “The weather here is changeable, often windy with turbulent skies, but the almond trees are beginning to flower everywhere.” [20] The rendering of an Almond Tree in Blossom is positioned close and accessible to the viewer and the branches appear to reach out beyond the paintings frame. A yellow butterfly flies among the pink blossoms that are growing on the red branches. (Van Gogh’s painting is above far left top box)The BUTTERFLY is a symbol of Renewal, Rebirth, and Transformation. via Wikipedia

Brilliant timing for us to think about renewal; even as we enter a period of hibernation for the winter months. It is a reminder to make the best use of our time… Let us Renew, Refresh, and Resolve to move forward together as a united community. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be by to see yours soon! What are your thoughts? What photos did you share on RENEWAL to fit the challenge? Was it easy/hard to find photos that supported your perspective on the subject? Were you drawn to certain types of photos for the prompt? Do share? Thank you! :-) Have an awesome weekend!

*Please bear with me as I continue to catch up on reading and commenting on your blogs… I’m halfway there. Thank you all for your patience! :-)

My fellow bloggers were equally creative with their selections. I will list some when Zemanta offers them up! I added a few from WP Daily Post below. (I will update it and add more). We all appreciate trackbacks/ping-backs and Likes from fellow bloggers too! Check out how others interpreted the theme – RENEWAL – also below. ***

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal. RENEWAL: This word conjures a variety of images, from bright blossoms to meditating monks. When I think of “renewal,” I think of starting a new job, arriving in a new city that’s ripe for exploration, walking through a new apartment with white walls, and taking a hot shower after a challenging day. I also recall a trip several years ago to the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon, which is where I took the photograph above. This lone pink flower amongst lily pads makes me feel renewed, fresh, and ready for what’s to come.
I think of beginnings. Life. Opportunity. What images does Renewal conjure for you? Get creative. Think beyond the usual images (a sunrise, a birth). We want to see what else you can come up with. Share a picture that means RENEWAL to you!

Positive Motivation Tip: Renew. Refresh. Resolve to move forward… Keep an open mind. 8-)

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos from my personal collection.

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
Positive Kismet

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94 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal…

  1. Wonderful thoughts Eliz! thanks for the pingback.

  2. and there was an electricity support renewal after Sandy … – and now some trouble with snow?

  3. love some of those flowers & thanks for the pingback :-)

  4. The temple looks interesting. And I love your photos of the spring flowers (especially the blossoms).

  5. Well said…as always…”renewal” to me is having hope that things will be better…brighter…clearer…You stated it well!..mkg

  6. Wonderful images and thoughts for the theme, Elizabeth. I love that Rainer Maria Rilke quote, and enjoyed following the link and reading about him. Have a great weekend. :)

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  9. A wonderful post, as always! I love the pairing of photographs and informations-stories, quotes, and your thoughts.

  10. Lovely and informative – thanks for the pingback!

  11. Rilke’s quote went into my “Favorite Quotes” document for future reference. The Rising Phoenix is such a classic depiction of renewal — and your response is the first I have seen to use it. Such a thoughtful post, Elizabeth — and coming together after the election is so important to renew our relationships with one another, but also after a disaster — just think of the renewal that comes after destruction! ~ Kat

  12. I always love your Weekly Photo Challenge posts. Your deep thoughts and creativity shine through – always inspirational.

  13. A beautiful interpretation as always Eliz.. I had the good fortune of visiting Kinkaku-ji and was awed by it as well.

    • Great! I bet you have some fabulous photos of it too… I have good memories of our visit on a sweltering hot day. It was worth it. TY! ;-)

  14. I love your post for renewal Elizabeth…you put so much in to your post. Great photos, inspiring thoughts and words. You are an inspiration

  15. Such a lot of thought and research in this post ! I shall mull it all over :-)
    thanks for the pingback !

  16. Would love to see that temple in Kyoto. Japan seems like such a fascinating place.

  17. Veronica Roth

    Elizabeth, you are so good at these challenges. I love the variety of photos you show each time. Very well done. :)

  18. your entries are always so thoughtfully prepared and interesting! and your pictures are just for eye candy! thanks again for sharing so much!

  19. Great choices, Elizabeth. Love your photos.

  20. Great examples and images of renewal, Eliz!
    Great post!

  21. The perfect topic for post-Sandy…how did you fare, Eliz? NYC will definitely need a bunch of renewal in the coming weeks and months…and NJ as well. Hope any friends/family you have in those areas are ok. I know so many that have lost alot…and many that were unscathed…just depending on where you were.
    Wonderful photos and words, Eliz…thank you. :)

  22. Ow, Eliz. You are darn great blogger! Love the many variations of the word, Renewal. You like posted everything that bloggers have to show or say for the week’s challenge.
    A clever, awesome discovery on the Phoenix, segue to timely political awareness. The fall. The flowers, the animals, the greens awesome pics! And then, the brilliant turn about butterflies.

  23. Love the images, Eliz… my fave ones are of the daffs, the woodlands, the squirrel and the beautiful butterfly! Thanks for sharing..God bless… :)

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  25. A really interesting post…thank you.

  26. Just love it all. A post that helps us renew our selves and motivates to embrace a new day. Have a great weekend.

  27. It is so nice to think of renew now as we are going into winter. Your images are wonderful lots of great examples of renewl. I really like the idea of going into the winter months with the thought of renewl. Yesterday I was looking at open feilds of white snow your photos are such a treat.:+)

  28. Much food for thought here. I also chose that Wendell Berry quote! And, yes, it is a time for us to come together as a community.

  29. Hello there

    I come to let you know as you have been following my Blog Far Away, but it has been moved and it seems you haven’t read it yet?
    Far Away is moved to another server on http://www.starhouse.nl/star4/ . I welcome you back on the new place and hope to be in contact with you.

    Thanks in advanced
    Kind regards
    Mariane Cordes
    (sorry to let you know this way – but I couldn’t find another place to write to you)

    • TY for letting me know Mariane… I’ve subscribed to your new blog…
      Best wishes on the move. ;-)

      • Thanks thanks… I am looking at the Star you told me that led you to nowhere?? .. It takes a little time to load is my experience but it goes to the Christmas place :) If that was the star you meant ?

  30. This is an important time to drop our baggage, our prejudice, our hatreds, and our myopic thinking and embrace the spirit of renewal. Your daily post staff chose the perfect word for this week’s challenge and you did a brilliant job of it too. Be blessed and God Bless America and the world too!

  31. Hey there…love your blog so much, I wanted to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award! Think you might get these quite often!


  32. Great post, quotes, and images. The Phoenix is the quintessential image of renewal – perfect!

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  34. It’s so funny I hadn’t thought about renewal and spring and how we have our elections in fall. Odd, isn’t it? In any case we, in the U.S.,are heading toward a transformation/renewal, and I welcome it.
    Thanks for this post!

  35. Lovely thoughts and photos as usual! Thanks for the pingback.

  36. Allyson Mellone

    You’ve created beautiful collages of renewal. I love that you included Wendell Berry’s quote to express life on earth through the process of renewal – regeneration of life through people, places, and things. It is inspiring to read at the start of a day. Thank you!

  37. Oh the Phoenix! Love the mythology behind it, I’ve included it as an avatar in my works! Great post btw.

  38. You did a beautiful post on ‘renewal’! The phoenix rising… yes that’s an inspiring image of the theme! Great photos :)

  39. You certainly give value for money, m’dear. Wonderful post!

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  41. Lovely post, Elizabeth.

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  43. If I haven’t said it before – wonderful post!

  44. BohemianMamma

    I love the way you set up your posts and the Rilke quote is great, we have to try to keep growing towards that goal :-).

  45. Wonderful and informative post Eliz! I love the photos of green = rebirth = life and green = renew = love. Have a blessed day my friend!

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  48. Here we go, being reminded of the opposite seasons again. :) We are coming into summer and the sunny days are lovely. The kids getting out playing ball in the yard (now we have the space) and riding their bikes. Ty has finished school for the summer break already (year 11 finish early).

    I wish you a safe winter, Elizabeth.

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